Everyone's pet is the most outstanding. This begets mutual blindness. Jean Cocteau 17273 West Edwards Road, Antioch, Illinois 847-395-0554 847-395-5855 fax great care .... reasonable rates small dogs   (up to 25 lbs) medium dogs   (26 to 50 lbs) large dogs   (51 to 80 lbs) x-large dogs   (81 lbs and over) Private Suite    additional dogs cats, birds, bunnies and other little critters $17.00 per night $19.00 per night $21.00 per night $26.00 per night $45.00 per night $20.00 per night $10.00 per night EXTRA SERVICES: Pet and Play $5.00 (approximately one hour) Adventure Walk $7.00  (through our fields) Refresher Training Walk $10.00 (we teach no pull walking so you can enjoy walks at home) Basic Obedience Training Session $15.00 Oral Medication No Charge Shots $1.00 per injection Bath, Nails and Brush $25 - $50 In kennel training $800.00 (30 days) Pick-up and drop-off service $13.00 each way We highly recommend that if your pet is young /active or senior you schedule walks or pet and plays during their stay with us.  Dogs under one year of age MUST have a minimum of one playtime each day.  If in our best judgement we feel your dog requires extra attention or exercise during their stay with us, we do reserve the right to provide additional walks or playtimes for your dog as needed.