There never yet has been a  dog Who learned to double cross, Nor catered to you when you  won  Then dropped you when you  lost. - Mary Hale  17273 West Edwards Road, Antioch, Illinois 847-395-0554 847-395-5855 fax Boarding Information / Policies Office Hours & Reservations  Pricing / Payment Pet Taxi Services Exercise, Daily Attention, & Bathing Vaccinations & Pre-Entry Check Toys, Treats, & Bedding Leash / Pet Carrier  Bill Calculation Prime Time - Changes & Cancellations Special Diets, Medications, & Health Care  Office Hours & Reservations Mon thru Sat  8:00 am - 10:00 am 12:00 pm - 6 pm Sunday  12:00 pm - 6:00 pm You may check-in as early as 8:00 am (except on Sundays). For checking out or touring, we ask that you wait until 9:30 am (12:00 pm on Sundays). Office hours may vary around the holidays. Please call to confirm.  The office is closed on Christmas Day, New Years Day, Thanksgiving Day and Easter Sunday.  If your schedule makes drop off or pick up during our regularly scheduled business hours please call us and we will do our best to coordinate with your schedule. Reservations are recommended during all seasons of the year. Holiday and summer reservations should be made well in advance. Please call during business hours for boarding reservations, obedience training, pet taxi, general information, and for any other products or services which we offer.  If you reach our answering service and need to contact a live person immediately call or text Terri at 847-688-0200 or Brandon at 847-767-4129 or email   Return To Index  Pricing / Payment We gladly accept cash and personal checks.  Prices are dependent on several factors including size, number of pets, number of days boarding, etc.  In order to best serve you, please email or call our office during normal business hours and we will be happy to give you an accurate quote. Return To Index  Pet Taxi Services Running short on time? Not looking forward to getting two rambunctious dogs out the door while still trying to get yourself on the road? We can help! We have a dedicated pet taxi vehicle and can pick-up or deliver straight to your doorstep. Our pet taxi is large enough to accommodate a multi-pet family and able to transport both dogs and cats. Your pet will ride in comfort, snuggled up in a roomy pet carrier to ensure maximum safety. Our pet taxi services are available for a wide variety of purposes. Need help getting your pet to a vet appointment? Moving and need to have your pet shipped to you from the airport? We can help! You do not need to have a boarding reservation to take advantage of our pet taxi services. Prices in our pick-up/dropp-off area are $13.00 per trip (additional pets are $6.50 per trip). Please call for pricing outside of our standard delivery area. Our scheduled pick-up / drop-off service is Monday through Friday between 10:30 am and 1:30pm. We do not offer regular service on Saturday or Sunday.   Please call ahead to discuss and schedule your needs. If you are a regular customer and need emergency pet transportation, please contact us. Return To Index   Exercise, Daily Attention, & Bathing All our guests receive daily attention and generous amounts of tender loving care. Our canine accommodations are large indoor/outdoor style suites where your dog will have his own covered outdoor enclosure with plenty of room to run and play. Our Feline accommodations have 3 levels and are also very roomy. For a nominal fee we do offer additional activities: Individual or Group Play Times - canine guests enjoy running and romping in one of our large, enclosed play areas. They can see their canine friends, play ball, or enjoy the sunshine.  Guests with individual play-times will not share their personal play area with anyone else.  Guests with group playtimes will be placed into pre-screened groups with dogs or similar sizes and temperaments during their playtime.   Feline guests enjoy private play sessions in our large, sunlit cattery. Our cats love to bask in the sun, enjoy scratching posts and an assortment of kitty toys. Nature Walks - active dogs love going for hikes around our 60 acre property. Our nature trail winds through scenic woods and pasture and our dogs have plenty of room to enjoy the sights on a 22 foot flex lead with a dedicated one-on-one handler. Half Nature Walk - Designed for our less active guests, our shortened 15 minute nature walks are great for small dogs and senior citizens who crave lots of one-on-one love & attention. * Cats may enjoy the Play Times & Brushing Sessions, but we do not walk cats. Brushing Sessions - Our brushing sessions are great for getting out thick undercoats and taming wild manes. A gentle, one-on-one brushing session is also a great social and confidence building activity for dogs with shy or nervous temperaments. Bathing - We offer bathing which includes nail trims, ear cleanings, teeth brushing (with owner provided toothbrush and paste only).Nail trims and ear cleanings can be purchased individually, or for greater savings, as part of a bath "works" package. All bath packages include ear cleaning, nail trim, shampoo, conditioning cream rinse, drying and removal of dead hair and undercoat,  and brush out. Bath prices vary depending on size of dog and length of coat - please call or email for an accurate quote. It is not necessary to have a boarding reservation to take advantage of our bathing, nail trimming, or ear cleaning services. Please call our office during regular business hours to schedule your walk- in bath, & our other services. Bath packages, nail trims, and ear cleanings are also available to our feline guests. Return To Index  Vaccinations & Pre-Entry Check All pets boarded at Winding Creek Kennels must be free of any contagious ailments. For the protection of all our guests we require proof of current vaccinations by a licensed veterinarian. For dogs: Rabies - 1 or 3 year (Per your Veterinarian) DHLPP ( Distemper/Parvo combination booster) - 1 or 3 year (Per your Veterinarian) (we also accept and encourage Titers blood test reports for DHLPP) Bordetella (Canine cough or Kennel cough) - required annually (Per your Veterinarian) For cats: Rabies & FVRCP (Feline Distemper) 1 or 3 year (Per your Veterinarian) Note regarding vaccinations... If we can not confirm vaccinations by a licensed veterinarian, we will not be able to board your pet. We do not accept vaccinations done by breeders or pet owners (even if the owner is a nurse or medical physician). Vaccinations must be done by a licensed veterinarian.  We strongly encourage you (or your Veterinarian) to fax or email your pet's vaccination records well before boarding. This allows us to enter the vaccination data into our system and gives us time to call either you or your veterinarian if we find something missing. It is always the pet owner's responsibility to ensure the pet's vaccinations are current. Even after faxing (or asking the veterinarian to fax) over records, it is a good idea to call us and confirm that your pet's vaccinations are up to date. This is especially important when checking in on Sunday or around a holiday when your Veterinarian's office may not be open. If a vaccination is missing, we are not able to call your veterinarian for clarification as they are closed. Our dedicated fax number is 847-395-5855. Our email address is All pets will be given a brief pre-entry check on arrival. Anything unusual should be brought to our attention (i.e. bumps & lumps, open sores, stitches, limping, ear and eye issues, allergies, etc). If fleas or ticks are found, we will need to treat your pet prior to entering the kennel or cattery. The pre-entry check performed by kennel personnel is superficial only and not intended to replace a physical exam performed by your veterinarian or imply medical judgments. Return To Index    Toys, Treats & Bedding Toys are always welcome. We encourage you to bring a few items from home to help make your pet feel more comfortable while boarding. Please try to select toys that you think your pet will not shred or destroy. We are often able to provide a beef knuckle bone from locally grown (hormone and antibiotic free) cattle for you pet’s enjoyment.  The cost is $5.00 per bone.  Please call us to check on current availability. Treats are also welcome, including treats that need to be refridgerated or frozen. When bringing treats for dogs, we ask that you bring them in a see through zip lock sealable bag or small container with air tight lid. Simply count how many treats you want your pet to have, and we will give them per your instructions. You may also send treats for either dogs or cats in its original container/box. We do also provide treats throughout the day, if you do not wish you pet to have our treats please let us know. Bedding is provided for all our canine and feline guests. You are also welcome to bring your pet's own bedding or pillows.  Please limit bedding to items that are machine washable or have removable washable covers.  So that we may easily identify your pet’s belongings we do request that you label your bedding with your pets full name.   Return To Index   Leash / Pet Carrier For your own pet's safety, as well as the safety of others, we ask that you have your pet on a leash or otherwise under your control while on the property.  For cats, we strongly recommend the use of a pet carrier. Return To Index   Bill Calculation  We bill by the night.  Pets not checking out before 1 pm will be billed for an additional day. During our prime summer season there is a 4-day minimum billing for any check-in that extends "over a Saturday evening".  This minimum does not apply to pets traveling to the facility using our pet transportation service. Major holidays also require a minimum billing The check-in day is a billable day no matter what time you arrive. If you check out your pet(s), before 1 pm you will "not" be charged for that day. If you check out in the afternoon, you will be charged for that day Sunday is always a billable day. Return To Index  Prime Time Reservation Changes or cancellations For reservations during "Off Season" (non prime times), we do not rhave cancellation or no show policies in effect. As a courtesy, we ask that you call us to cancel or make any changes to your reservation. If making a change or canceling a reservation during our Prime Times (noted below), please be sure to call the office during business hours and speak to one of our staff as we do issue a cancellation confirmation number. Please do not leave messages on the answering machine or via e-mail to cancel a "Prime Time" reservation. In order to avoid a cancellation charge, you must call and cancel or make "any" changes to your reservation as follows: · During prime "Spring Break" and "Summer Season", we require "7" full days notice of any change or cancellation before your scheduled check in date · For Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Year Holidays we require "14" full days notice of any change or cancellation before your scheduled check in date A "late cancel" or "no show" charge of "4 days" times the rate in effect at the time of the reservation for the dog or cat accommodations will apply for any reservation booked during prime times. During "Prime Times" noted above, should you check out earlier than your scheduled reservation date, you will be charged for the days actually booked. Return To Index  Special Diets, Medications & Health Care  We provide high quality dry diet which is suitable for most pets.  You are always welcome  to bring your pet's food and we will feed according to your directions. There is no charge for administering owner provided food.  If your pet is on a prescription diet, has allergies, or has a very sensitive stomach, we encourage you to bring your pet's own food. If bringing your own food, please be sure to provide us with the specific pet food brand and type that your pet eats.  Raw food diets must be provided in daily individual serving freezer bags.  Always bring extra food on the chance that you can not check out when planned.   There is no need to bring measuring spoons, cups, mixing utensils, can openers, etc., as we have all these items on hand.  Please do provide us with the measured amount of food you wish your pet to receive at each feeding.  We do have the ability to refrigerate and freeze or defrost special diets for our guests. For pets that require home-prepared food such as pre-cooked ground meat and vegetable diets, meals can be prepared ahead of time and brought for your pet’s stay. We will feed your pet per your instructions, up to 3 times daily, at no additional charge. Additional feeding times are available for special needs pets. If a friend, neighbor, or relative is dropping your pet(s) off for you, please call the office prior to your reservation date to discuss your pet's dietary needs and go over any feeding instructions. If your pet requires medications, do not put doses in with their food. We take medications of any kind very seriously and will always administer them separately to ensure accurate and timely dosing. Most medications (including injections) that your pet requires can be continued during his or her stay with us. We do have the ability to refrigerate medications as needed. Be sure to bring the original prescription containers, and enough medications to cover additional days past your scheduled check out date in case you are delayed.  We need to know exactly what we are giving your pet: name of medication, strength & dosage. For injections please be sure to bring a fresh needle for each administration. We do not charge for the administration of medications and / or injections. If a friend, relative, or neighbor is dropping off for you, please call the office prior to your reservation date to go over your pet's medication needs. To ensure accuracy, we always prefer to speak directly to the owner when taking medication information and directions. We have veterinarians on call 24 hours a day to respond to the emergency health needs of our guests. To further ensure the safety and welfare of your pet(s), the owners live on the premises. We treat all our canine and feline guests as if they were our own.  In the event we feel your pet requires medical attention, we will attempt to contact you prior to bringing your pet to the veterinarian, however, if in our professional opinion your pet requires immediate medical care and we are unable to reach you for approval, we will not wait to contact you.  You are responsible for any charges incurred in the veterinary treatment of your pet. Return To Index