Life is as dear to a mute creature as it is to man. Just as one wants happiness and fears pain, just as one wants to live and not die, so do other creatures. The Dalai Lama 17273 West Edwards Road, Antioch, Illinois 847-395-0554 847-395-5855 fax great care .... reasonable rates ACCOMODATIONS STANDARD RUNS.  Dogs stay in individual indoor runs with attached private outdoor runs.  All indoor runs are heated in the winter and air- conditioned in the summer.  Our outdoor runs are roofed and shielded from the elements to be sure that your dog stays comfortable even in inclement weather condition.  Our runs are constructed so that all dogs have a view of other dogs and of all the activity going on in the facility so they don’t feel lonely or left out.  Dogs are segregated so that older, quieter, more timid dogs are not housed with the younger, rowdy bunch.  We have multiple over-sized runs where even giant breed dogs can stretch out in canine comfort or where multiple dog families can stay together without feeling crowed.  All runs are equipped with raised beds so your pet never has to lay on a cold, damp concrete or metal floor.  You may also request that we provide cotton or sheepskin beddding (no additional charge) or you are always welcome to send your dog’s favorite bed from home. SUITES:  Huge, over-sized accomadations in a separate area of the facility.  Our suites feature private, securely fenced back yards where your dog can play outside (just like at home) and come inside to sprawl out.  Suites are perfect for multiple dog families, elderly dogs, giant breeds and any dog who would like some extra one-on-one attention.  All suite guests receive four supervised playtimes per day at no additional charge. CATS:  Cats and other pets are housed away from the dogs in a separate, sunny room.  Each cat has its own multi-level condo with a covered litter box.  Additional bedding and toys are available upon request.  Social kitties are welcome to spend time outside of their condo each day alone or with other cats.